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The Vajrakilaya Yab Yum statue arrived safely this afternoon and it is magnificent. I could not be more pleased with the quality, artistic design and power of the piece. Thank you for offering this item and for all your assistance.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Today my Yogini arrived and I find myself blessed to have such an beautiful item on my alter. I want to have her blessed by my teacher as soon as it is possible. The special service, the extraordinary beautiful items You present on your website and especially the way she was package showed me Your deepest respect for the art of Tibet.

The package you sent me has arrived. The statues look even more fantastic "in person" than the pictures on the internet. I want to thank you for your careful wrapping around the statues.

I wanted to let you know that everything arrived in great shape today and I was thrilled with the marvelous items. Thank you so very much for you honesty, integrity and good packaging of these beautiful treasures.

I wanted you to know that the Buddha that I ordered arrived today. The statue is even more beautiful and moving than it was shown in the internet photograph. By the way, I do appreciate the care you took to:1) photograph the statue so that I felt comfortable in ordering an object unseen 2) pack the statue so that it was delivered to me safely. The Buddha is in my meditation room and is a beautiful reminder to maintain my practice. I am sure I will continue to be inspired.

Just I'd like to say you: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

The statue has arrived today. Excellent packing, no problems at all.

My order arrived today and I wanted to thank you very much both for the wonderful quality of the thanka but also for your excellent, professional service.

I received the Thanka today! I am surprised how quick your service was. I carefully opened it up. Immediately I set off to learn how to fold on the front cover. I keep on staring at the surface of the Thanka and said again and again, my god, this is the best Thanka I ever had. I cannot resist the beauty and the details of the painted surface. The overall quality, everything is just brilliant and elegant, and it smells great! Thank you, all the staff at Tibet Shop, you are simply the best!

The three statues arrived today. Sooner than I expected. They are beautiful. Thank you for handling my order so promptly.

Thanks for shipping the thangka so fast. Your shop is awesome! and your selection is the best on the web! be well.

I cannot describe what I felt when I saw the gold thangka of Maitreya in person. Thank you, thank you for making such an exquisite rendition available. The artist is surely an incarnation of a great thangka painter of centuries past. This thangka will be covered and seen by only a few, and will be preserved for future generations.

I wanted to let you know that I received the Medicine Buddha statue today. It is perfectly beautiful! Thank you for packaging it so well.

The package arrived safely 3 days ago. All the items are wonderful. I love the Medicine Buddha. I want to thank you all for the great service and will order from you again in the future. I'll also recommend your shop to others.

Thank you very much for all the great things. I am in awe. I have never seen this quality work available at this kind of price. These are beyond money in my opinion. Thank you very much for including the covering clothes (I am sorry, I don't know what they are called, if they have a special name.) I just am beyond words. I don't know how to congratulate you on your superb taste in art! I would end every sentence with an exclamation point, but it would be redundant! The statue wonderfully embodies the love portrayed. And the paintings. The unmounted one took my breath away. I have a frame for it and will take it down Monday and have it mounted. The Thangka is hanging next to a poster of the Medicine Buddha and across from a superb tahngka of the Medicine Buddha. I keep the hanging clothes over the Thankgas out of respect and to keep them clean. Is there a special Tibetan prayer I may say to honor these beautiful things? I have been saying mantras in humility, hoping to express my gratitude and to acknowledge my gratitude for so many blessings.. I don't know what more I can do! Thank you for packing them so securely. I think I would have sat down and cried if these things had been defiled by damage. Cried not for the loss a perishable meditation aid, but because some one had sullied these magnificent things sent from the buddhas to express their message! And I do think this art work is sent by the Buddhas to say many unknowable, subtle wisdoms and about compassion. It is only for us to make the effort to BEGIN to understand their powerful messages to us.

Avalokiteshvara arrived well at our home. We are amazed about how beautifull he is. Thank you. You have the fitting Manjushri (Size 6 x 9 inches - 16 x 23 cm Price $500 USD), which we want to order, too. (We think, they just belong together).

Manjushri did arrive well and again we are very happy to see, how beautifull he is. Thank you very much. PS We will recommend you to all our friends!

If you ever need a recommendation from me, you will have my whole-hearted approval to whom ever I talk with to tell them how good you have been to me. Thank you for you humanity, your kindness and your faith in becoming the Dharma.

Dear Sirs,
I just received the gold-plated Rahula. I must tell you that when I opened the package and put the image together I was never so moved in my life. The piece is exquisite and speaks to me like no other Buddhist image in my possession. When I turned the base over, I realized that this piece is indeed a temple piece, judging by its stamp, and perhaps this was the reason for my intense delight in the work. I just want to thank you for making so great an object available and that I am so very grateful that you have sent me so wonderful an image.

Hello, I have received my gold plated Ekajati statue. It is awesome!!! It took 24 days (economy) to arrive in Hawaii. That was quick! It was packed so well, there was absolutely no damage. The craftsmanship is beautiful, I can't wait to purchase more of these statues of excellent quality. Thank you once again for offering these great products and with such great service and quick and excellent communication. Mahalo nui loa

This e-mail comes to you to tell you the thangka arrived in pristine condition.
The quality of it is superb !!!
A glance on the painting and one's heart feels warm. Such a beauty. Even when this was not the most expensive one. One feels immediately that it was made by someone with enormous skill and real belief in what he was painting.
Recommend your shop to people who like beauty, I certainly will, but most of all it is good to see sheer beauty coming out of the mind upon the canvas. I already had 2 ancient thangka but I never suspected that new one's could be as good as what artists did some decades or even centuries ago.
As I told you to view the piece is going in a trance, only one that sees hidden beauty can understand. It made me make the decision to go to the Tibetan centre here in Belgium...
Thank you for your quick service and well organised help.

Thank you for the magically beautifyl paintings on brocade. They arrived in fine shape and are hanging in the center of our home. My children are enchanted with them, and the meditation area is so alive now. Thank you.

I am so pleased!! Both the beads and the painting were packed well, and they arrived in perfect condition. The painting quality is excellent--I am so happy--I planned to get it framed right away.

My bowl has arrived, and it is absolutely wonderful. Even better than I had hoped! I will be looking over your list of other bowls and placing another order -- before too many are sold because I've mentioned your web site to several people :-) Thank you for your excellent service.

Thank you very much for your prompt service! I just had received my package and embroidery / art work is of the world class! Many thanks again for it!

I want to thank you so much for working through this situation together
with me. You have certainly shown to me the highest level of honesty and respect for which I am grateful.

The Buddha was received today... It was as advertised and looked exactly as shown in your pictures. Thank you very for the prompt shipment of this item. I expect I will receive the other one at work tomorrow. You may use me as a good reference if you should ever need one.

Today, the conch horn arrived safely. It is beautiful and we are so very happy with the lovely item. It is one of the most satisfying item I have purchased on the internet. Thank you so much.

Just to let you know that I received my Statute and am very pleased. I shall refer your shop to my friends Thank you.

Thank you. the beautiful!!! scrolls got here on saturday. incredible quality. be well.

My order came, I'm very pleased, the piece is beautiful. I'll order another in a few weeks.

I received the thangka yesterday. It's very beautiful--better than I expected.

I love it! Thanks so much!

I received the painting. It is very beautiful and I am very pleased. Thanks for your service and for providing such nice pieces.

I received the Manjushri statue today in fine shape and I like it very much.

We received the parcel today. The "Tara Mandala" is wonderful !!! Many thanks and best regards.

I just wanted to let you know I received the statue of Vairocana today. It is truly beautiful and a welcome addition to my shrine. Thank you so much. Your website and your customer service are wonderful. May all the buddhas bless you!

I have received the Thangka (Avalokitesvara, brocade) and it is beautiful. So beautiful, in fact that I would like to ask if it is
possible to have another thangha made of Manjushri by the same artist in a similar style and size for my meditation room.

Canada Post delivered our first order yesterday in perfect condition on 'priority service'. We opened the shipping tubes with great celebration and were thrilled with the tangkas. The Vairocana Mandala is beautiful and the Manjushri, in its brocade, is stunning. The embroidered conch shell was a surprise and a bonus. The two mini-tangkas have a simple charm of their own. Thank you very much for the careful packaging and the prompt expedition. Their arrival had two results: (1) we reorganized the walls to make room for Manjushri, and (2) we went back to the Tibet Shop web site and ordered three more . . . .

I very much appreciate your kindness; In truth, I wasn't looking to buy a thanka -- just enjoying the wonderful artwork on the Internet -- but this image reached out and grabbed me, and I knew that I could give it a proper home! Fortunately, my wife agreed that in this case the expenditure wasn't an extravagance, but a blessing for our home and encouragement to practice. I also had the opportunity to browse your web-site and was pleased to find that you are building a stupa -- fantastic!

I got the statue yesterday. That is very holy. I love that much. Thank you very much.

I'm extremely pleased with the Mahakala thanka (currently being brocaded by a Tibetan artist friend of mine) ransomed from Tibet Shop.

The Mahakala arrived yesterday and it is STUPENDOUS. I thought it would be as big as the larger photo, but then I realized that was just an enlargement. The details are wonderful. I must commend you on your Postal system -- it is far superior to ours. Sending it through the Finnish post made it unnecessary to pay any processing fees.

I just wanted to advise you that I received my medium bowls today. I am so delighted with them. They are so wonderful. I will order one for myself in the near future. These are gifts for my friends. Again, thank you.

Believe it or not, my package arrived on Friday! What a happy surprise that was. I am having much fun exploring the sounds of each bowl, and could not possibly tell you which one I like best - each has such special qualities. I will tell you I am very pleased with the smallest one - 570g. I had read the opinion that bowls under 750g do not produce a good sound, so I had to try one. I think whoever wrote that just hadn't been around the right bowls, because that little 570g bowl is beautiful! Thank you again for sending the harder stick - it is quite interesting to hear the difference in sound between the softer wood and the harder wood, and it does produce a clearer sound with the larger bowls. Once again, many thanks to you for your excellent service. I will undoubtedly be back, and will continue to recommend your site.

greetings and thanks! the two you sent arrived yesterday safely. they are quite amazing(!!) and i am grateful to you for sending them along. they will be more formally installed later this month.




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